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New Humanity Stress Free Center & Floating Spa Opening August 2020

The events of this year have been incredibly stressful on a global level. Fortunately, if you are coming to or are in Malta, there is a new oasis of peace opening in the city of Victoria, Gozo. The Stress Free Center & Floating Spa is a rare and remarkable place, where ancient traditions and new technologies create a unique modern-day spa atmosphere, where nature’s beauty works in harmony with your own, and where renewal and growth are elementary. Our state of the art wellness space offers floatation and massage therapy, a wide variety of holistic treatments, organic facials, and yoga. Come to this place of refuge, peace, and tranquility to recuperate and nourish your heart and soul.

Come Float

For the first time in Malta, you can receive the benefits of floating. When floating, you can experience thoughts in a similar way as you might during meditation. Floating also develops the brain in a way that makes meditation easier. In the moments of pure awareness that you experience in the floatation pod, free from all stress and distraction, consciousness exploration becomes possible. Floatation Therapy, REST Therapy (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique) or Sensory Deprivation, involves lying in a salt-water solution, in a specially designed tank. Due to the high Epsom salt content of the water, you won’t be fighting gravity so that your body can literally melt into this womb-like, nourishing environment. According to the latest research, floatation therapy enables your mind to be free to navigate without distractions, the sympathetic nervous system is activated as your brain automatically starts producing dopamine and endorphins, and your body gets to rest, de-stress, replenish, and heal. Some of the benefits of float therapy include: ~ Promotes calmness and relaxation ~ Eliminates fatigue and jet lag and enhances mental clarity ~ Improves sleep ~ Alleviates stress and energizes and revitalizes body and mind ~ Reduces depression and anxiety ~ Stimulates left/right brain synchronization ~ Increases creativity and ability to problem-solve ~ Improves visualization and deepens meditation by shifting brain waves from beta to lower frequency alpha, theta, and delta ~ Expands awareness, intensifies acuteness of the senses and accelerates learning ~ Enhances hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis ~ Decreases the production of cortisol, ACTH, lactic acid and adrenaline ~ Increases production of endorphins ~ Speeds up rehabilitation and recovery ~ Relieves pain ~ Boosts immune function ~ Improves circulation and distribution of oxygen and nutrients ~ Reduces blood pressure and heart rate ~ Improves athletic performance, helps prevent sports injuries and speeds up the healing process

Ancient Treatments Meets New Technologies

Indulge in a range of holistic transformative treatments inspired by age-old rituals and tailored to relieve the stresses of the modern world. Nourish your body and soul with natural ingredients and bright botanicals sourced from our beautiful Maltese landscape. Rejuvenate your complexion with our luxurious and age-defying organic facials. Release tension and find true relaxation through one of our warm argan or sesame oil massages. Ancient holistic therapies include Swedish and Lomi Lomi massages and reiki. These can be combined with state of the art healing devices to rebalance your energy field and heal you on a cellular level with NeoRhythm, Omi Pads, and Chi Generators.

Stress Relief in a Cup

After your wellness treatment, you can further unwind in our Tea Temple that expands beyond the teapot experience. We invite you to come for one of many unique varieties of delicious Ayurvedic herb and spice tea blends from these gourmet tea brands: Yogi Tea: "For more than 40 years, Yogi Tea has stood for delicious herb and spice teas that are based on unique Ayurvedic tea recipes with roots in the 3,000-year-old Indian philosophy." Shanteo Tea: Exquisitely fine Loose Leaf Teas brought to you by a Maltesian shop, which has existed since 2014. We also offer fresh home-made lemonade, and kombucha, along with local, farmers pick plant-based foods all designed to detox your body and mind.

New Home of the Yoga of Now

Our highly-skilled, Yoga Alliance certified instructors can cater to your individual needs in our state of the art yoga studio, the only purpose-built yoga studio in Victoria, offering a healing environment in itself with our Chi generators, essential oil diffusers, crystals, and salt lamps. Yoga of Now is an integrative practice to remind oneself to return to the deepest Now, simultaneously purifying and balancing the energy, emotional and mental bodies. It incorporates Kriya Yoga - the path to Self-Realization. It is a practice to purify and strengthen the nervous system, to have the ability to sustain higher vibrational energy and consciousness. We look forward to welcoming you at the Stress Free Center & Floating Spa in Gozo!


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