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Quantum Financial System and Gold is End of Slavery

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Money Backed By Debt Is A Crime Against Humanity

In today’s society, people around the world have taken it for granted that paper is money, but this is a nonsensical collective illusion that we have all been coerced into believing. Hundreds of years ago, when travelling, people accepted banknotes called traveller’s cheques because they believed that the banks issuing them were reputable.

Once the cheques arrived, a local bank, that knew the reputation of the bank that had issued those notes, could issue people new notes in local currency, without a central authority to certify the notes. But today, people no longer think that way. They believe that it takes a government to assure the value of money.

However, real money is based on natural characteristics, such as the fact that it is intrinsically valuable, durable, divisible, uniform, portable, scarce, and broadly accepted. These characteristics are essential for a medium of exchange to become an honest standard of widely accepted payment, which isn’t the case with currencies issued by Central Banks.

Unlike Central Bank issued currencies, Gold has always been valuable, as today’s debt money is someone else’s burden, with unreliable promises attached, that could end up not being honoured. Money backed by debt is a crime against humanity. It was invented by Mayer Amschel Rothschild and was built on the fact that money is a flow of energy (also known as currency) that is generated from the combination of raw materials, goods, services, and people’s labour. In order to achieve a monopoly over all the energy on Earth, the Rothschilds developed a worldwide slave labour system by issuing debt money through their privately-owned central bank system that has infiltrated every government. Because the flow of currency was designed to be funnelled back towards them, this has given them a powerful first strike opportunity in the field of financial and economic control.

Through their control over the flow of currency and the bribing of all governments, they had their worthless debt money equated with people’s energy money, which is a fraud of scandalous proportions. Getting away with this fraudulent activity has enabled the Rothschild money changers to siphon the valuable energy of the people’s labour away from the people back towards themselves.

Money created out of nothing and backed by debt should not be allowed to purchase valuables, as it has been enabling this fraud to continue. As long as the illusion  that ‘debt-money’ has value is being imposed upon us, and we the sheeple continue to agree to this illusion and participate in it, then we will not be free from debt slavery.

Fundamental Problem With Money-Printing

The fundamental problem with printing money is that it gives people more currency, but doesn’t allow them to prosper. True wealth requires real growth, real savings, real investment, hard work, time, innovation, self-discipline, and all the other things that made the economy a powerhouse at first. But fake money, on the other hand, encourages speculation, conniving, corruption, and distrust which eventually dooms the empire into third world status. It also damages the real economy, which consists of savers, workers, innovators, long-term investors, and disciplined entrepreneurs.

These people are all being cheated by the institutions of central banking and government and this is speeding up the decline of the economic system. Empires require strong and reliable currencies, and by printing trillions of fake ones, central banks are pushing their empires down the hill.

It invites corruption. In a real, honest economy, what you get depends on what you give. People have to earn their money. In a money-printing economy, the wealth goes to those who are connected to power.

The long downhill march probably began in January 2000, with the collapse of the stock market. Back then, 40 ounces of gold was enough money to buy all the stocks in the Dow, but today, it’s only about 15 ounces despite much higher dollar prices. In real gold terms, capital industries are worth barely a third of what they were worth 20 years ago.

When a central bank economy is contracting it automatically creates a shortage of new debt, and because money is debt, this also creates a shortage of available money. There is less debt-money in circulation, and available money (also known as liquidity) becomes more scarce. Consequently, we are fast approaching the end of the existing global financial debt-money system.

The whole monetary system is intentionally self-destructing, by design. The excessive printing of fiat-debt-money has arrived in its final reflation stage of self-destruction. The amount of debt in the world has grown so excessive that the credit-system has gone into reverse mode, and now the paradox is occurring that there is no liquidity left to pay back the debt.  Reflation is no longer possible and the deflationists are being proven correct. They are correct in regards to a credit system working in reverse with a negative feedback loop, stoking a deflationary death spiral.

It’s one thing to fake out investors with quantitative easing (QE) and fraudulent interest rates. It is another to dump trillions in helicopter money on what’s left of the Main Street economy. In the former case, it results in higher stock prices. Everybody is happy. In the latter, people get higher consumer prices. Making no one happy!

Gold Is Our Lifesaver

The result is a man-made economic catastrophe. No one knows how much it will cost, in real output only. But current estimates are running around $10 trillion. And that’s not counting the economic damage done by the central banks’ bailouts and money-printing, or the losses in the asset markets. Stocks alone are down about $5 trillion since early February. Most people have no gold at all. Pity the poor fools. Gold is going to be reinstituted as money within our lifetime, simply out of necessity. But that can only happen at higher prices, since at this moment only about 6 billion ounces is available above ground for sale in the entire world.

After the current system collapses, as every paper money system in the past has done, some form of money will have to replace it, and it’s almost certainly going to be gold. When people wake up and realise that most banks and governments are corrupt but also bankrupt, they’ll flock to gold, just as they’ve done for centuries. Gold will rise multiples of its current value. Expect a 200% rise from current levels, at the minimum. There  are many reasons,  why gold could see a truly significant gain. And in real terms, not just against paper money.

In the 19th century, the “paper money” was called banknotes. Why? Because they actually were notes from your bank representing a specified amount of real money on deposit. People carried these cheques because they were much more convenient for large amounts of money than chests of gold. Today’s “Central Bank Debt Notes,” are not bank notes from your bank, as these aren’t redeemable for anything besides more Central Bank debt notes. That’s why today’s paper money substitutes are called fiat currencies; they have zero intrinsic value and are not redeemable for anything, but are accepted because the government will put you in jail if you don’t. It’s a fiat accomplished by force, not real value recognised by those who accept the notes.

Furthermore, Gold is the only asset class that is not also simultaneously someone else’s debt liability too. And in a world as financially unstable as today, you just don’t want to hold on to someone else’s debt liabilities any more than you have to. Especially if that is a liability of an entity like your government.  The Distinction Between Debt And Money

Governments, however, are not the only ones who think that debt is money. It seems that many people who get a bunch of credit cards, enabling them to spend beyond their means, imagine that they have money. And they also think that owning the debt of others – like government bonds – means they have money. A bank deposit isn’t really cash; it’s a debt of the bank.

Debt is not always repaid. Money, however, simply “is.” That distinction is lost on almost everyone. Don’t be among them. So people should own gold and silver because it’s money, because of its security, and because it’s an excellent speculation. That will protect people against the very rapid loss of value all currencies face in years to come. Inflation is going to truly get out of control.

Remember; Money is not debt it is the opposite of debt. All currencies on the face of the Earth, are central bank Notes subsequently these are debt. They are neither redeemable for anything by their issuer, nor is there a limit on how many can be created.

They represent only a vague claim against the “good faith and credit” of the government, which is to say the government’s ability to extract taxes from its subjects. But every government has shown their remarkable lack in good faith and are currently embarked on the course to destroy their credit.

Paper money is an excellent means for governments to tax people indirectly, surreptitiously, through inflation. That’s one reason central bankers love paper money. But also, phony economic theories, like those of John Maynard Keynes, hold that the government not only can, but should, meddle with the economy. The ability to print paper money gives them a means to do that.

The Central Bank Money System Is Kaput

Meanwhile, society has lost more young workers than older ones. Almost all young people, while the huge majority of people live by the sweat of their temples. That is, they earn money by selling their time.

In closing the economy, it prevented people from earning a living, which means it prevented them from earning the “wealth” that people need to live on. Impose curfews, shutdowns, and economic stoppages on everybody. In closing the schools, it prevents children from learning – assuming the schools serve any useful function at all, but it also prevents the children from building up their immunity that will prevent the disease from spreading.  People make no money when they’re not working. They add no wealth to society. They learn no skills. Time, their most important asset, has been stolen away. Their lives have been impaired. Along comes the government and tell them, “No sweat, we’ll give you money.” The Pay Check Protection Program pretends to make them unbroken by replacing real time with fake money. A great victory? Of course not, it is just another scam.

The central bank money system is kaput, broken obsolete. Only, in the last two weeks the Central Bank has injected one Trillion extra in their system to keep the criminal banking system upright and functioning. But they should know it would not be lasting much longer before even more money has to be injected. For sure this is the end of the fiat money system. Gold is the only alternative to put the people economy forward, saving everyone on Earth.

Please help with waking up everyone by making them aware of this information and encouraging them to think for themselves and do their own research. Without the help of at least 50% of the populace, the corrupt Deep State operatives and cronies cannot be removed due to the chaos and confusion it would cause. Encourage the people in your life to discover the truth for themselves.

We have arrived at the most important intersection in world history; our choices will define the unfolding of our future. On one side is the continuation of the Deep State power control structure heading towards obliteration of our liberties as we can see is happening now with wearing masks, social distancing and travel restrictions, intended to crush our morale and end our prosperity step by step.

On the other side is the creative dissolution of Deep State corrupt governments and politicians, leading us to prosperity, freedom and friendship.

This is the most important collective decision we are all about to make. Nothing like this has ever been witnessed before in the history of humankind. In the blink of an eye, we will see all paper and electronic debt forms of wealth evaporate, completely levelling the playing field in order to implement GESARA with the new gold/asset backed monetary system known as the Quantum Financial System (QFS), free of any institutional interference.

It will be a complete new future for everyone on Earth, a future that is built on hard work, honesty, creativity, friendship and freedom.

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